Breitling Avenger Night Mission Yellow Dial Watch SB0147101I1X1 Reviews

Breitling Avenger Night Mission Yellow Dial Watch SB0147101I1X1(Replica Breitling Avenger), compared to the old model, the biggest change is that the new model has become more refined and more suitable for daily wear. Although the old Avenger gives people a very domineering impression at first, it has to be said that the handling of details is indeed a bit sloppy. For example, the lugs are a bit too wide and look a bit clumsy, and there is also the gap between the bracelet and the case. The transition part also doesn't look natural enough.

In terms of size, the Avenger has changed from the previous 43 and 45 mm diameter to 42 and 44 mm. Although the size has become smaller, because the bezel scale has been enlarged, the new model not only looks larger visually, but also It can also take care of more wrists. In addition, in terms of thickness, the new Avengers has also been thinned to varying degrees in various functional versions, especially the chronograph model. Due to the use of the B01 movement, it is 1.26 mm thinner than the old model to 15.2 mm. You must know that the watch is thin. If it is reduced by 1 mm, the wearing comfort will be completely different. In addition to changes in size, the new Avengers has also made great efforts in materials. Two of the night mission special editions not only use ceramic cases, the classic grenade-shaped crown and new square timing buttons are also made of titanium alloy, and one of them also has a carbon fiber dial.

Due to the use of the B01 movement, the chronograph dial layout has finally changed from the original 6, 9, 12 to the symmetrical 3, 6, 9. This alone makes the new chronograph more outstanding and more beautiful than the old chronograph. major. Everyone is already very familiar with the B01 automatic chronograph movement. The movement is 30 mm in diameter and 7.2 mm thick. It uses a cylindrical wheel plus a vertical clutch combination, and the vertical clutch and chronograph seconds wheel are integrated in the center of the movement.Replica Breitling Watches

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